í flokknum: Birt á forsíðu, Tían

No compulsary and preschools activities on Monday 16. March as school staff will take an organizational day.

All the municipalities in the greater Reykjavík area have sent out a communal notice about compulsory schools, preschools and after-school programs.

The Minister of Health has decided to put in order temporary restrictions on schools. This means that compulsory schools and preschools in the country will have to operate according to limitations imposed by communicable disease control. The municipalities in the Reykjavík area will work in accordance with the restrictions to organize classes and other activities.

A decision has already been taken to keep all compulsory and preschool children at home, Monday 16. March so that all school staff can work towards meeting the requirements.

Parents and guardians of children are asked to stay alert to new instructions and information that will be published over the weekend and on Monday, on our website and the websites of compulsory- and preschools.

New instructions about day care centers, sporting activities, sport facilities, school bands and other leisure activities of children are currently being revised.

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